About ME

Greetings, I’m Zeta—a seasoned wellness enthusiast, yoga teacher, and a certified EYT-200 with Yoga Alliance. My profound journey into wellness began at the tender age of three, seamlessly weaving sports into the very fabric of my existence. Evolving into a versatile athlete, I’ve explored swimming, volleyball, marathon running, and proudly earned the title of European Champion in kettlebell sport lifting, all under the mentorship of my coach, Paulos Georgiadis, an 11-times Kettlebell Sport Lifting World Champion.

Rooted in my athletic background, my yoga journey is dynamic. While I immerse myself in the strength and dynamism of Ashtanga and Power Yoga in my personal practice, I seek equilibrium through the meditative depth of Yin Yoga. This approach embraces the harmonious interplay of yin and yang energies, contributing to optimal well-being.

Beyond yoga, my commitment extends to a diverse fitness routine incorporating kettlebells, Pilates, and various dynamic exercises. Embracing a holistic approach, I firmly believe that the fusion of strength and flexibility is the key to unlocking a profound sense of well-being.

In my yogic journey, I consider myself, above all, a perpetual student. Fortunate to study under esteemed teachers in Greece, including Evi Tassa, Panos Katsandris, and Alexandros Petridis, I attend workshops and trainings both in person and online. Immersing myself in the teachings of Kino McGregor, David Swenson, Tim Fieldman, Manju Jois, and Travis Eliot enriches my knowledge in Ashtanga and Power Yoga.

My studies extend to the profound philosophy and therapeutic practices of yoga with The Yoga Institute, the world’s oldest Yoga Institute based in Mumbai, India. Drawing from my own experience with cancer, I pursued specialized training in therapeutic yoga for cancer recovery, with a specific focus on supporting breast cancer survivors.

To enhance the transformative experience, I’ve also delved into other therapeutic aspects of yoga, honing expertise in areas such as depression and anxiety, sleep issues, and spinal mobility. Additionally, I’ve been trained in a meditative soundbath using Tibetan singing bowls and wind gong.

With over two decades of experience as a senior corporate professional, I am acutely aware of the challenges a demanding lifestyle can pose. I stand well-equipped to address the demands of a high-pressure professional life while promoting inner tranquility, physical and mental resilience, and an overall more balanced life.

In 2022, I boldly decided to transition into a full-time yoga teacher and wellness coach, placing my dedication to holistic well-being at the forefront of my life’s purpose.

Join me on this expansive journey, where we not only celebrate the power of movement but also cultivate a balanced and resilient mind-body connection. Let’s embark on a path to holistic wellness together.



Why join me

Choosing to join me on your wellness journey is an invitation to embrace a holistic approach to health and happiness. My journey, shaped by both the rigor of competitive athleticism and the profound wisdom of yoga, offers a unique blend of strength, flexibility, compassion, and mindfulness.

As a seasoned yoga teacher and wellness coach, my passion is to guide individuals towards cultivating a harmonious and resilient mind-body connection. With a background as competitive athlete, I understand the boundaries and capabilities of the human body and how we can overcome our challenges. Couple that with over 20 years of corporate experience, and I intimately grasp the pressures of modern life.

This diverse background enriches my teachings, creating a space where the transformative power within you can truly shine. Together, let’s transcend boundaries, foster well-being, and celebrate the interconnectedness of our journey, recognizing the vital role that nature plays in our pursuit of a balanced and joyous life. Welcome to a transformative adventure where we navigate the realms of wellness with joy and purpose!

virtual and in person experience

Embark on a transformative wellness journey that knows no boundaries. Whether you find solace in the sanctuary of your own space or crave the energy of a shared environment, my personalized sessions seamlessly bridge the gap between in-person and online experiences. Embrace the flexibility to practice from any corner of the globe, fostering a sense of connection and well-being that transcends geographical constraints. No matter where you are, the online experience is a virtual doorway to holistic wellness, ensuring that the transformative benefits of yoga, fitness and meditation reach you wherever life takes you

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Join now and embark on a journey of self-discovery, where every breath, every mindful movement, unfolds a new chapter in your wellness story