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gentle hatha

Dive into our Gentle Hatha Yoga class, the ultimate chill zone for everyone! Whether you’re a yoga newbie or a seasoned pro, this class is your go-to for easy vibes and feel-good stretches. It’s the perfect balance of relaxation and fun, where beginners can kick back, and advanced yogis can dial it down without missing the good times. No pressure, just positive vibes and a whole lot of yoga smiles! All levels welcome!

power yoga

Welcome to the Power Yoga party — high energy, real sweat, crazy poses, and a moving meditation guided by your breath. It’s not just a workout; it’s a powerhouse promoting all the awesome benefits of yoga, helping you shed weight, sculpt, and discover your strength. Whether you’re a pro or just dipping your toes, expect the unexpected and get ready to rock your practice! Let the power flow!



Imagine Quarter Primary as your warm invitation into the heart of Ashtanga. It’s not just a class; it’s a cozy nook designed for those who are curious about the practice or on a tight schedule. Whether you’re a newcomer eager to dip your toes or someone racing against the clock, Quarter Primary welcomes you to savor the transformative essence of Ashtanga yoga with open arms.

kettlebell workouts

Step into the energetic realm of our Kettlebell Workout class — a dynamic session where strength and cardio converge for a full-body blast. This isn’t your typical fitness routine; it’s the ultimate workout experience designed to sculpt and strengthen. With a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, you’ll unleash the potential of this versatile equipment. Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or a newcomer, our class caters to all levels, offering a high-intensity, efficient workout that packs a punch. Grab a kettlebell, let the energy flow, and get ready to power up your fitness journey!

Pilates mat

Step into the Fusion Pilates Mat class, where the artistry of controlled movements takes center stage in a dynamic marriage of traditional Pilates precision and contemporary fluidity. This distinctive fusion style offers a refreshing perspective, accentuating core strength, flexibility, and the grace of mindful body control. Whether you’re a seasoned Pilates enthusiast or stepping onto the mat for the first time, this class is a thrilling invitation, bringing the essence of controlled movements to redefine and elevate your Pilates experience. And mostly, have great fun!


yoga nidra

Get ready to dive into Yoga Nidra —  a guided journey into the ultimate chillaxation! Picture yourself lying down, eyes closed, as we navigate a state between wakefulness and dreaminess. In this class, we’re all about the deep restoration of your nervous system, and if you happen to doze off, that’s absolutely okay. Join us for a session of yogic sleep where you emerge completely energized — power in stillness! It’s not your standard meditation; it’s an invitation to unwind, reboot, and surf the waves of conscious relaxation. So, kick back, let go, and surrender into the groovy side of mindfulness! 🌙✨

Pranayama and meditation

From intentional breath control to serene stillness, experience the dance of breath connecting you to vitality. During Meditation, accompanied by the healing sounds of singing bowls and a gong, transcend mind fluctuations and embrace present awareness. Whether a seasoned practitioner or a curious beginner, discover tranquility amid life’s chaos, unlocking the transformative power of quiet contemplation and the true essence of yoga.

Yin Yoga

A slow-paced, floor-based practice that’s a must for everyone, whether you’re navigating a sedentary job or pushing the limits as an elite athlete. We will be holding poses for extended periods, allowing our own body to heal by discovering and releasing tightness wherever it hides in the deep tissues. It’s not just about holding still; it’s about finding strength in the quiet, letting the transformative spirit of Yin Yoga turn your body into a sanctuary of resilience. Join us in this therapeutic practice, where embracing discomfort becomes a pathway to empowerment, resilience and healing 🌙✨

wellness rituals

Discover daily rituals that bring positivity, resilience, and happiness. From gratitude practices to cultivating restful sleep, following a sattvic diet, and incorporating purposeful exercise, each session is a practical guide to elevating your well-being. Immerse yourself in the serenity of meditation, explore the therapeutic benefits of journaling, and learn how intentional habits shape a fulfilling life. This workshop is your opportunity to create a personal tapestry of wellness, unlocking the secrets to a balanced and joyful daily routine. . 🌟🌿


Upcoming virtual LIVE SCHEDULE*

Why not treat yourself to an extra perk? Alongside your private classes, jump into our scheduled online classes to add a dash of self-care to your day. Whether you opt for individual classes or dive into our unlimited plan, take a break and join the fun with friends!

 This week’s theme focuses on building a strong core and awakening your inner power. Select what suits you – an individual class, a weekly pass, or an annual unlimited class subscription for a personalized wellness journey!

Get ready to vibe with this week’s theme – we’re turning up the groove with a strong core and unlocking your inner power, giving that third chakra some serious energy!

Yin for low back & hamstrings

Tuesday  Feb 6  @ 2pm  – 45min



Power flow: ignite the fun

Wednesday Feb 7 @ 9.30am – 60min



Yoga core drills

Thursday Feb 8 @ 1pm – 30min

Pilates madness

Thursday Feb 8 @ 5pm – 45 min


Friday Feb 9 @ 1pm – 45min


Friday Feb 9 @ 6pm – 45min

how to join live

Select your vibe – choose from individual classes or dive into endless possibilities with our unlimited plan, ensuring you’re never out of the wellness loop. Each week unfolds a fresh theme, guiding you through diverse paths to boost your overall well-being. With live classes and a 7-day access to recordings, flexibility meets vitality on your terms. Join us and make every class a dynamic step toward a healthier, happier you!

*time indicated is EEST (CET+1)



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